Little Free Library Guide

80,000 Little Free Libraries can be found scattered throughout neighborhoods around the country!

By Macaroni KID Tacoma & South Sound January 2, 2022

Looking for something fun to do with the kids? How about having the kids pack up a few used books from your house and visiting some local Little Free Libraries to trade?with what might be in them?  â€¯

Ten years ago, Todd Bol installed the first Little Free Library in front of his house in Hudson, Wisconsin, as a tribute to his mother, a teacher.  Now over 80,000 Little Free Libraries can be found scattered throughout neighborhoods around the country so chances are there's one near you!   And take a moment to read how  Woman Carves Magical ‘Little Free Library’ Out Of 110-Year-Old Tree in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho.


Charter #44870

Hayli Walker
1401 S. Proctor Street
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2478876
Long: -122.4886404

I love reading and want to encourage my community to learn and experience other cultures and meet new characters. I try to fill this library with books for all ages and story's that I think others will enjoy.

Charter #86107

South Stevens Street Community Library
1608 S. Stevens St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2461138
Long: -122.4961043
As a librarian for over twenty-five years the steward, Matt Gullett, has always wanted to create and place a free library near his home. The library itself was a whole family project of construction, painting, and collection building. We enjoy living in Tacoma, WA and wanted to connect without neighborhood in some way. Our hope is that this library will connect with neighbors and folks just walking through our area.

Charter #14393


Little Free Library
1216 S Monroe St
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.24951189999999
Long: -122.4919687
Recycled newspaper box

Charter #7712

Jacqueline McKay
1510 S. Union Ave.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2465722
Long: -122.484104
Our name is Tree House Tutoring. We tutor students ages 5-100. No one is ever too old to learn. Our Free Little Library helps our community every day. We love it!

Charter #113209


The Lippert Library
Lat: 47.2537898
Long: -122.4940434
We are thrilled to start our little free library to share our love of reading with our neighbors, friends, and the community. Come by and leave a book or take a book. Enjoy and happy reading!

Charter #27323

Jim Graham
4419 S. 7th St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2546587
Long: -122.497071
Twin Cedars Branch is named for the two Western Cedar trees in front of our home, one of which provides shelter for our Library. We are joined in the effort to "Build a Literacy-Friendly Neighborhood" by friends, our adult children, our grandchildren, and our neighbors.

Charter #83228

Lily’s Library
811 S Puget Sound Ave.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2530067
Long: -122.4819297
A mailbox turned into a library. Lily has painted rainbows on it.
Charter #83230
Feed 253 little library
3506 S 8th St
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2532834
Long: -122.4826334
This beautifully, hand-built, raw cedar library was purchased in support of Feed 253 an organization fighting hunger in the Tacoma community.

Charter #109831


A&D’s Little Free Library
1544 S Oakes St
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.244924
Long: -122.472163

Charter #19300

Melissa Brodd
1402 S. Fife St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2481389
Long: -122.4706841

Charter #99457

Robin's Library
831 S Prospect St
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2525862
Long: -122.4693059
A little library maintained by Robin, Theo, Max and Indy

Charter #101762

McNeely Family Library
802 South Prospect Street
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.25351999999999
Long: -122.4698164

Charter #97841

Little Free Library
Lat: 47.252463
Long: -122.461666

Charter #8411

Little Free Library
Lat: 47.252592
Long: -122.458147
We just loved this idea when we heard of it but didn't dream of having one in our front yard! Then one day, a friend from church said that he's like to make us a Little Free Library for or house and the Hilltop. Wow! We are now one of the lucky recipients of such a wonderful community gift! Our neighborhood loves it and we already have an awesome librarian (a fourth-grader on the block)!

Charter #74790

Altamese's Little Library
Lat: 47.2487429
Long: -122.4542889

Charter #15315

Keri Anderson
2534 S. G St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.236936
Long: -122.4426902

Charter #19300

Melissa Brodd
1402 S. Fife St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2481389
Long: -122.4706841

Charter #114016

JJ Tacoma Teens, TUL, & THA
2505 South G. St.
Tacoma WA 98405
Lat: 47.2379465
Long: -122.4423819
This Library has been established as a result of the partnership between the Jack & Jill of America, Tacoma Chapter Teens, Tacoma Urban League, Tacoma Public Library, Tacoma Housing Authority, and Private Donors.


Charter #46966
21724 NE 18th Way
Sammamish WA 98074
Margaret's Book Nook is dedicated to the memory of my mom, Margaret Rollosson, who fostered my love of reading.

Charter #12044
2701 226th Ave. S.E.
Sammamish Washington 98075
I am a native Wisconsinite and a graduate of the University of Wisconsin-Madison (where the LFL got its' start.) I love books so this seemed like the perfect project for me. My mother instilled the love of reading in me and in my kids so it seems fitting to dedicate this library to her. 

Charter #75128
TARDIS in Sammamish
It's bigger on the inside! I always loved that concept from Dr Who - books open the imagination and expand horizons and so I thought it fitting to have a little free library in the form of a TARDIS.

Charter #12473
2308 E Lake Sammamish Pl SE Sammamish WA 98075

Charter #2513
2225 233rd Ave NE
Sammamish WA 98074

Charter #24624
910 269th Ave SE
Sammamish WA 98075

Charter #75542
22631 SE 16th Pl
Sammamish WA 98075


Charter #52448
8130 378th Ave SE
Snoqualmie WA 98065
I was first introduced to the idea of the Free Little Library while back in my hometown. I loved the idea and decided to ask my family to make me one as their Christmas present to me. It's a real joy seeing neighbors use the library and meeting new neighbors at the same time.

Charter #55923
8082 Maple Ave SE
Snoqualmie WA 98065
Our Little Free Library is a green sparkly mailbox located just around the corner from the historic Snoqualmie Railroad depot. Come find us - it's located right in front of the red train caboose in our yard!

Charter #33602
39735 SE Spruce St
Snoqualmie WA 98065
Our library is made from a repurposed vintage veggie cupboard. Inside are books for all ages, a Trinket Trade/ Geocache, a Community Art Book (take it home, make art in it, and return it for all to see!), a Seed Exchange (in the Spring), and even dog treats for those headed to the Dog Park!

Charter #56327
13511 421st AVE SE
North Bend WA 98045
A very merry unbirthday tea party to you! We created this family friendly library after falling in love with other free little libraries. My 8 year old was in charge of design and is in charge of stocking the library. Please feel free to come find us and pick out some new books.

Charter #59183
701 Thrasher Ave NE
North Bend WA 98045
Our Little Free Library Box was a Birthday gift from my husband! It will be taken care of with the help of my daycare kiddos. We are excited to bring reading to many and it brings the community together! The daycare children are very eager to see how many books get taken.

Charter #51854
400 SE Orchard Drive
North Bend WA 98045
Frost Home Team installed this Little Free Library for all in the community to enjoy. Children, Teen and Adult books can be found inside along with free custom made bookmarks. The library is located near the play structure and covered picnic area on the parking lot side.

Charter #45104
315 SE 10th Circle
North Bend WA 98045
Our library is actually located in our neighborhood park, at the intersection of 10th St. and Mountain View Boulevard. We are located next to the basketball court, directly in front of the play set.

Charter #74149
The Discovery Preschool
36017 SE Fish Hatchery Rd
Fall City WA 98024
I decided to build this Little Free Library for my brother's preschool because I really like to read. I believe that everyone should have access to books and I hope that in the future there will be more Little Free Libraries in our community.

Charter #51853
1120 13th Place SW
North Bend WA 98045
Frost Home Team wanted to contribute to the movement and bring a Little Free Library North Bend! What better place to have one than in one of the most popular neighborhoods, Forster Woods. This Library is located in the Upper Park. Once you turn into the neighborhood take a left, then right onto Hemlock.

Charter #36802
43303 SE 77th St
Snoqualmie WA 98065
We are so excited to bring more people together in our small town with our Little Free Library!

Charter #41360
871 SE Mt. Teneriffe Pl
North Bend WA 98045

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