10 Ways To Keep Kids Safe Around Water

By Syneetra A. Williams for Greater North Houston Macaroni Kid July 14, 2017

Let’s face it, safety is important. No matter how busy we get or how much fun we are having, it’s always best to keep safety rules in mind. This is especially the case when we, or our children, are in and around water. During the summer, water is the prime choice for cooling off for everyone. Many people enjoy swimming pools, beaches, lakes, and ponds. Although they are fun, they can also be dangerous and we need to remember to put safety first.

The following tips will help you to remain safe while enjoying the summer in and around the water.

  1. Always watch children around water. Assign an adult as a “water watcher.”
  2. Stay within arm’s reach of young or non-swimming children in the water.
  3. Swim when a lifeguard is present.
  4. Reach or throw, not go, to help a swimmer who is in trouble.
  5. Learn CPR (adults and teens).
  6. Enroll in swim lessons.
  7. Teach children to always ask a parent/guardian to obtain permission before entering a pool.
  8. Don’t swim or play around pool drains or swim near missing drain covers.
  9. Avoid alcohol in aquatic environments, especially when supervising children.
  10. Parents should create layers of protection between the water and your children, such as gates, alarms, and fencing.

Swim lessons are important for youth and adults. “Participants in Swim Lessons become more comfortable and secure around water as they learn about water safety and practice swimming skills,” according to Rosemary Lengefeld, District Executive Director - Aquatics for the YMCA of Greater Houston. “They learn critical skills while being active and staying healthy. They feel a sense of achievement from mastering something they can enjoy the rest of their lives.